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Here's who I am & what I do

Hey! I’m Shay. I’m a wife, full-time employee, business owner, social media influencer, planner, goal setting expert, organizer, budget coach and much more. Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

In short, I am very determined to create and lead a life that I absolutely love and enjoy. It has always been my mission to craft my perfect life. The notion started when I was a little girl and followed me as I completed graduate school and obtained a Master’s Degree. I currently work in the helping profession and thoroughly enjoy what I do at work. However, I feel like I have a duty to do more – to help more. That’s where my social media influencer career comes into play. I created a budget-centered YouTube channel in 2017 and then created a few other social media accounts where I share elements of my life each and every day.

We are super close to financial freedom, and we’re trucking along beautifully. While our financial freedom journey is going relatively well, I’ve always felt that it would be superficial and almost misleading to share only our financial wins and not our everyday, real-life struggles and successes which heavily impact our financial situation. So while my main focus is finance, I am much more of a lifestyle blogger/vlogger.

My current obsessions include: my husband, budgeting, planning, organizing and decorating/furnishing our new house. You can expect to see a ton of each on all of my social media profiles.

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